Why Does the Right Assistant Matter?

Tiffany Harker joined the AssistPro™ team with a bit of hesitancy.   She had been an assistant before, and although she didn’t mind the work that came with being an assistant, she didn’t care for the way she had been treated as an assistant in prior work environments.  It didn’t take long for her to realize that AssistPro™ was different.

When Tiffany was matched with her client, Randy, she began to realize that this opportunity would leave her feeling like she was so much more than an assistant.  

Randy and Tiffany had instant chemistry and because of that, their relationship began to grow.  As all relationships go, it took time, but trust was established pretty quickly and with that, Randy began to delegate more to Tiffany.  

It didn’t stop there though.  Tiffany knew she could do more for Randy. 

“At the year mark, I started pressing Randy to delegate more of the financials.  Early on he was hesitant to let me even invoice clients. It wasn’t personal, it’s just how he was.  I told him that I needed to do the finances because things were falling between the cracks. Sometimes clients wouldn’t even get invoiced for sessions.  After months of discussion, he agreed to finally delegate the finances. Once I started…it was like a flood gate opened and I was managing it all.”

“That’s the big difference between AssistPro™ and other companies.  In other companies, you sit there and wait for a task, but with AssistPro™ you’re building a relationship, and it’s like you’re sitting in an office with them.  If you’re sitting in an office, you’re not sitting there twiddling your thumbs…you look for things to do.”

“When you take ownership of your job, you look ahead to see what you can do, where you can help, etc.”  

Now, four years later,  Randy continues to make her feel like she is part of his team. Tiffany states that, “He never makes me feel like I’m his minion and I’m there to do his dirty work.  I’m part of the team. Everything is signed, Randy & Tiffany. It’s not just Randy’s company.”

Tiffany’s vital role in Randy’s company has more than doubled since they first started together.  Her role has grown so much that a year ago she brought in another assistant on our team, Sadie, to help support her.  Together, they provide Randy and his clients with high-level, quality work. The kind of work that only the right assistants could accomplish.  

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