There’s A Process for That!

EOS Implementer®, Erik Perkins is an 8 in Follow Thru on the Kolbe Index.  This simply means that it’s hard for him to trust anyone to follow through better than he does.  Delegation doesn’t come naturally for him, but when he and Beth connected for their initial interview five years ago, he knew immediately that she was the right assistant for him.    

One of the first things that Erik and Beth worked to accomplish was creating a process that worked for both of them.  A process that would aid in making their virtual relationship a success. Together, they created a system with tools that helped the two of them begin to operate like a well-oiled machine.  

“In setting up, it felt like work, but I needed to do that work.  I don’t think there was a better way. It’s what I needed.”  

With the system they created in full operation and the tools in place, there wasn’t much Erik had to worry about.  Their entire operation was seamless, and Erik was able to operate out of his genius while Beth handled the other important details of his EOS® practice.

Nearly two years into their journey together, Beth called Erik to tell him of a new opportunity she had been presented with working internally for AssistPro™.  This new opportunity would mean that she would need to transition out as his assistant so that she could grow within the company. It had been an emotional conversation, and one that Erik could tell Beth had put a lot of thought into.  With a smile in his voice, Erik relayed his initial reaction to the news, “I knew it was the right thing. As soon as she said it, I just knew.”  

Back then, AssistPro™ didn’t really have a process for transitions like these.  We were a new company and this particular situation was something new for us too.  While this new venture was exciting for Beth, it was also a difficult decision for her to make.  Erik and Beth had developed such a strong relationship, stepping away was hard. However, Beth took it upon herself to create a transition process by offering to interview, hire and train the replacement assistant.  Erik trusted Beth, and he let her have the reigns.

“I wasn’t involved.  Which was ideal. If I was going to ever have any regrets over a transition process, it would be me going through the retraining process.” 

Beth began looking for Erik’s next assistant, working diligently through resumes and handling initial interviews on her own.  At last, when she was sure she had found the perfect match, Beth set up an interview for Erik with the assistant. Erik took the interview in the car (not an unusual practice when you’re a busy businessman) and he knew immediately that the assistant Beth had chosen was a home run!

As promised, Beth took care of all of the training, ensuring that the transition to his new assistant, Kelly, would be a seamless maneuver.  It was a delicate process handled with precision, and now, three years later, Kelly and Erik remain an empowered duo taking the EOS® world by storm.  

“We follow The Assistance Track™ purely.  She goes through my email the exact way so that I’m responding and she’s responding.  It’s been life-changing. It has to do with trust and we know each other, what our MO’s are.  Where we’re comfortable and not. The benefit of working with someone for 3 years is that you get to know them.

Because of AssistPro™, I’ve figured out how to leverage The Assistance Track™.  Whatever it is that you guys do, it works for me. I’ve never been able to effectively leverage assistance.  I could always create great assistants for others, but not me.”

Transitions aren’t something we have to go through too often, but they do happen.  However, because of Beth, we have a process for that. A process that was built to make transitioning to a new assistant seamless, and as our guarantee states: We won’t rest until the match is right!   

Today, Beth is the Director of People and Culture at AssistPro™.  She handles every assistant that joins our team in the same way she handled finding Kelly for Erik; with precision, thoughtfulness, and dedication.  Because of Beth, our team is made up of more than eighty amazing women who are changing the lives of their clients every single day.

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