How A Craigslist Ad Changed My Life

As an entrepreneur, Mom and wife, I am often asked: How do you do it?  How do you start and grow a successful company while also managing to keep all the balls in the air? And, why did it take an  EOS Implementer™ to start it all?

It seems like it happened over night. I was expecting my third child, had just relocated to Greenville, South Carolina, and knew I wanted to do something “big”. After working in banking for over five years, I knew it was not my ultimate career goal. I felt I was meant to do more with my life and career.

I began to set my sights on finding a legitimate work-at-home job.  I wanted the opportunity to grow and learn personally and professionally. After what seemed like thousands of job reviews, it didn’t look promising. So, I changed my strategy and started applying for positions in major cities near me. My Husband says I’m a bit of a charging bull when I set my mind to something.  Trust me, nothing can stop a woman on a mission.

I’ll never forget the day I sent my resume to an Atlanta Craigslist ad. Everything about it felt right. Once interviewed, I decided to ask for the opportunity to do the job from Greenville, which was just a few hours away. 

I was hired!

My quest to learn everything about the EOS Implementer™ that posted the ad and hired me began. My family, with the exception of my husband, was worried I was walking away from a “real” job with the traditional benefits my family needed. I worked so hard to find the right opportunity, and I wasn’t stopping. I was hired to be an Executive Assistant, a position I had never held before. I knew I possessed the skills, but I had no direct job experience. 

On a particularly lucky day in March, I held my nose, closed my eyes, and dove head first into ProfitWorks. It was clear from day one that the owners of ProfitWorks saw something in me I didn’t see in myself.

Six months into my role, the conversation that became the catalyst for the founding of AssistPro took place. There was an opportunity for a company that would provide assistants to similar businesses. My bosses, now mentors, suggested I start that company. Once again, I felt I was on the high dive, and once again I ditched the fear and jumped.

I will always remember the seed that was planted in those early conversations, “What if you could provide the same opportunity for work to other women like you?” The suggestion that I could help other women achieve what I was experiencing was all it took, and AssistPro was incorporated in September of 2014.  Now, we are on target to exceed $1 million dollars in billing in the next 6 months.

 I am living the dream. The EOS® Life is defined as: Doing what you love, with people you enjoy, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately, with time to pursue other passions. I am a lucky woman and I will be forever grateful for that Craigslist ad, and the potential that two strangers saw in me that I didn’t yet see.

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