The Assistance Track

If the client you’ve been matched with is an EOS Implementer® or is part of a company running on EOS®, then you’ve likely heard the term, The Assistance Track™.  If you haven’t heard of the term though, The Assistance Track™ is a tool from the EOS Toolbox™ that EOS® Implementers roll out to their clients at different intervals of the EOS® journey.

The Assistance Track™ has five steps: 

  1. Delegate and Elevate™
  2. The Stack
  3. The Daily Meeting
  4. The Email System
  5. Your Schedule

These five steps serve as a set of delegation guidelines in which an entrepreneur can follow to delegate tasks to their assistant.  As we all know, the more the client delegates to you, the more freedom they have to focus on growing their business. This also works to your benefit because the greater your responsibilities, the more you are able to grow.

If you’re struggling with a client who is having issues letting go of the vine, the next few paragraphs will serve as a guide and provide talking points on the types of items he/she can delegate.  So, let’s walk through these five steps together.  

Delegate and Elevate™

This is an exercise that we always encourage our clients to do before getting started with an assistant.  They’re instructed to write down their tasks and responsibilities into the four quadrants of the exercise.  The four quadrants are as follows:

  1. Love / Great (Tasks they love and are great at doing.)  
  2. Like / Good (Tasks they like and are good at doing.)
  3. Don’t Like /  Good (Tasks they don’t like, but are good at doing)
  4. Don’t Like / Not Good (Tasks they don’t like and aren’t good at doing)

From this exercise usually comes an entire list of tasks that they’d like to delegate to an assistant.  If the client you’ve been matched with is struggling with what items to delegate, suggest they take time to do the Delegate and Elevate™ exercise.  It works wonders!

The Stack

The idea behind this step is that your AssistPro™ client only touches whatever comes to them, once.  Why?  Because if they have completed the Delegate and Elevate™ exercise, then they know which items can be sent to you and which items are theirs to complete.  Below are a few examples of tasks that could be handed off to you:

Email: This tends to be one of the hardest things for our clients to delegate, so if your AssistPro™ client is still clinging to his/her email with no intention of handing it over to you completely, try suggesting that they forward all emails with tasks that fall under your responsibility, to you.  

If you do have access to the client’s inbox, then make sure you have created a process to manage his/her inbox that works for both of you.

Below are examples of the types of emails that you can handle for your AssistPro™ client:

  • Providing requested material (EOS® documents, links to articles, etc.)
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Answering questions that you know the answer to

Voicemail: Your AssistPro™ client is likely inundated with phone calls from their connectors, leads, and clients on a daily basis.  They can’t answer every phone call, and their voicemail boxes are probably full.  Have your AssistPro™ client forward voicemails to you so that you are able to filter through the messages that you can respond to, and the messages that he/she should respond to.  Once you’ve identified these messages, you could send your AssistPro™ client a quick email identifying who he/she needs to call back.  You could even place these as to-dos on his/her calendar.

Online Filing: Whether it be session debriefs, notes from a meeting, or other important documents, you can take the responsibility of ensuring that these things are filed away electronically in an online filing system.  For clients using Google, Google Drive is perfect as files can be shared/accessed by both of you and worked on together in real-time by the two of you.  DropBox is also another system that can be used for filing these documents.  It’s important to find a software and process that works for you.  

Not sure where to start? Workplace is the perfect place to get insight on how others on the team are managing these tasks for our clients.

The Daily Meeting

We will always encourage you to have weekly meetings on the calendar with your AssistPro™ clients, but if meeting weekly doesn’t feel like enough, suggest a daily huddle to your AssistPro™ client.  Whether it’s first thing in the morning, right before lunch, or at the end of the day, a daily huddle can be a great time for your AssistPro™ client to hand off “The Stack” and answer any questions you might have.  Weekly meetings and daily huddles are also perfect opportunities to discuss or communicate any issues that have come up and to plan for the days ahead.

AssistPro Virtual Assistant

The Email System

Creating a system for email management is vital to managing your AssistPro™ client’s inbox successfully.  We have several different processes that could be effective in managing email, but since every client is different, they often have to be tailored to fit you and your AssistPro™ client’s situation.  Whether it be a flagging system, folder system, or labeling emails with specific instructions, email management doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a proper system in place, your AssistPro™ client will no longer have to spend the weekend checking seven-day-old emails.

If you feel like you’ve tried every process possible for email management, and it’s still not working well…utilize Workplace to see if anyone on our team has recommendations that you haven’t tried yet. 

The Schedule

Calendar management is another one of our specialties. If you haven’t already, offer to take on the responsibility of scheduling and coordinating the logistics of meetings, sessions, coffee meetings, lunch dates, and even travel!  If the thought of delegating all of those things gives your AssistPro™ client anxiety, then maybe offer to take one off of his/her plate at a time.  Chances are, when you’ve proven that you’re able to handle one, he or she will delegate it all!

The Assistance Track™ doesn’t have to be implemented all at one time. If your AssistPro™ client feels more comfortable taking it one step at a time, then take it one step at a time. It’s a process that requires patience and grace.

We are here to support not only our clients but our assistants as well.  Be sure to utilize Workplace for any questions or advice you may need from others on our team.  Between the 75+ assistants on our team, there is more than two decades of relative experience. 

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