The Assistance Track™ – Virtually

If you are an EOS Implementer® or a company running on EOS®, you’ve likely encountered a tool from the EOS Toolbox™, The Assistance Track™.  The Assistance Track™ is taught at different intervals of the EOS® journey, and it is a vital component to your success as a business person.

The Assistance Track™ has five steps: 

  1. Delegate and Elevate™
  2. The Stack
  3. The Daily Meeting
  4. The Email System
  5. Your Schedule

So, how can those steps be applied to a virtual assistant?  Let’s find out!

Delegate and Elevate™

We always encourage our prospects and clients to do this exercise before getting started with their assistant.  If you’re able to pour your tasks and to-do’s into the four quadrants of the exercise, it will be clear to you what items you can delegate to your assistant.  This exercise will give you a clear direction and a great starting point.

The Stack

The idea behind this step is that you only touch whatever comes to you, one time.  Why?  Because if you’ve done the Delegate and Elevate exercise, then you know which items can be sent to your assistant and which items are yours to complete.  

Email: If you haven’t delegated email access to your assistant yet, you can forward all emails that fall under the responsibility of your assistant, to your assistant.  Emails that your assistant can handle are things like providing material requested, scheduling meetings, and answering questions that your assistant would know the answer to.  This process is easier when you’ve given your assistant access to your inbox, but it works either way.

Voicemail: You’re likely inundated with phone calls from connectors, leads, and clients on a daily basis.  Chances are, you can’t answer every phone call, but now your voicemail box is full.  You can forward these voicemails to your assistant and let her filter through the things she can respond to, and the things that only you can respond to.

Online Filing: You shouldn’t be having to file important documents away in your online filing systems.  Instead, have your assistant file things away appropriately and you’ll never have to wonder where anything is.

The Daily Meeting

We always encourage a weekly Level 10 Meeting™ to our client and assistant duos, but a quick daily huddle isn’t a bad idea either.  Whether it be first thing in the morning, right before lunch, or at the end of the day, use this time to hand off “The Stack” and answer any questions your assistant may have.  This is also a great time to discuss or communicate any issues.

The Email System

What if we told you that you could get a minimum of 5 hours back in your week if you allowed your assistant to completely manage your inbox?  Your assistant can manage your email from their own home and save you tons of time in the process.  With a plan in place, you can say goodbye to having to spend your weekends checking seven-day-old emails.  We have a process for that, and it can be tailored to fit your own personal style.

Your Schedule

Calendar management is another one of our specialties, and again, it can be done by way of your virtual assistant.  If you’re able to delegate all scheduling and even travel logistics to your assistant, you’ll not have to worry about another meeting falling between the cracks.  All you have to do is show up!

By following and implementing the Assistance Track™, you can bet that your days, weeks, and months will be a lot more freeing as you’re able to focus on your genius!

“We follow The Assistance Track™ purely.  My assistant goes through my email the exact way so that I’m responding and she’s responding.  It’s been life-changing.  It has to do with trust and we know each other, we know what our MO’s are.  Where we’re comfortable and not.  The benefit of working with someone for 3 years is that you get to know them. Because of AssistPro™, I’ve figured out how to leverage The Assistance Track™.  Whatever it is that you guys do, it works for me.  I’ve never been able to effectively leverage assistance.  I could always create great assistants for others, but not me.” – Erik P. – EOS Implementer® & AssistPro™ Client

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