Jenna Spencer

Founder and Visionary™


Changing the lives of her clients by finding their next right-hand, while also paying forward a rewarding work-life balance to her AssistPro™ team members leaves Jenna feeling as though she’s living in a dream. Thanks to Tom Bouwer, Alex Freytag and a Craigslist ad, they not only hired her and believed in her as their assistant, but they also planted the AssistPro™ seed and aided her in the startup and growth of AssistPro™.

With their help, Jenna found the courage to create and build AssistPro™ based on the values that she holds closest to her heart.

Jenna’s life has been anything but traditional. She grew up in secluded Frogmore, SC, and was raised by an entrepreneurial mother with a determined focus on core values and work ethic. Spending most of her adult life submerged in the corporate world, Jenna finally took a leap of faith in 2014, leaving the corporate world behind and jumping straight into entrepreneurship. For the first time in her life, that leap of faith felt like the most natural thing she had ever done. It all began with a leap of faith…the rest is history!

Jenna landed in Greenville, SC, with her husband and three children in 2002, where they now strive to live life through their five senses. When her family is not busy with art, flag football, soccer, chorus, or baseball, they have dance parties, watch Clemson football, and plan family adventures.