How to Be Productive…Even on a Budget

The times are strange.  I think we can all admit to that.  With certain businesses being deemed essential and non-essential, stay-at-home-orders in place, and social distancing being enforced, we are all being affected in some way.  

Your clients are likely navigating waters they’ve never had to navigate before.  They’re figuring this out too, and they need you now more than ever. So, how can you help your clients through these weird and uncertain circumstances? 

Remain Conscious of Your Client’s Budget

Things are awry right now, so paying attention to the hours you work each day should be something you are paying close attention to.  Work at not logging any unnecessary time, accomplishing the tasks deemed as priorities and sticking to your client’s budget. Schedule some time to connect with your client, discuss the budgeted hours, and then you can decide what tasks should be considered a priority.  

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So, What Type of Things Could Be Considered Priority?

Every client is different of course, but now is the time to talk through any projects you have been working on and deciding if they should be placed on the back burner for a while.  There are other tasks at hand that should likely take precedence.  

For instance, you could: 

  • Take the lead in communications with your client’s community: converting in-person meetings to virtual, rescheduling sessions, prepping your client for virtual sessions, etc
  • Be a guide to your client and their clients in navigating the virtual aspects of moving their businesses online
  • Setting up online conference rooms for your client
  • Prepping documents for online presentations
  • Sending out calendar invites for virtual meetings

Weekly Monitoring of Budget and Priorities

Once the budget is set and priorities are identified, the next thing to do is to keep an eye on the budget and your priorities on a weekly basis.  As things progress, priorities will change. Adding the budget and priority tasks to your weekly meeting agenda is a must as this situation will continue to evolve.  You might even add the budget to your scorecard and track your hours there for a weekly review during your weekly meeting. You can take the responsibility of tracking your hours which will free up your client to focus on the higher-level items of their business.   

Remember, you have been at this virtual thing for a while now, but for your client and their community, this is all somewhat new.  Exude that Help First core value by answering questions, hopping on Zoom test runs, prepping guests of virtual meetings ahead of time, and handling anything else that will ease the mind of your client.

We are here to answer your questions and support you too.  If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to get suggestions on various topics, feel free to reach out to us or post in Workplace to see what others are doing to support their clients during this time.  We are ALL here for you.

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