Growing For Our Clients

We are proud to introduce a new position on the AssistPro™ team. Welcome Kelley Jarvis, our new Hiring Manager! Kelley is not new toAssistPro™, nor is she new to leadership or hiring. Kelley has been an AssistPro™ Managing Assistant for over two years, and comes from a background in corporate banking.

Kelley foundAssistPro™ after a job change moved her family to a new city where she knew no one. Kelley wasn’t sure working virtually would provide the connections and relationships she thrives on in her work, but she soon learned AssistPro™’s culture is real, even with a team she doesn’t see on a daily basis. Kelley experienced first hand AssistPro™’s commitment to making the right match between client and Managing Assistant. Her first client was a wonderful learning experience, but it just wasn’t quite the right match for their working styles and personality. AssistPro™ leadership noticed and when the time was right, they made a new match. Now, Kelley is a Managing Assistant to 3 clients with happy, highly productive relationships.

Kelley has been in leadership positions all her life, in each step of her career, so it’s only natural she would evolve into the Hiring Manager role forAssistPro™. Already a Pod Leader and with several years as a Managing Assistant under her belt, Kelley is the perfect person for the role. Kelley knows first-hand the challenges an AssistPro™ Managing Assistant faces, and the skills they need to thrive in this career. The Hiring Manager role is perfect for Kelley because it allows her to build and cultivate relationships with the AssistPro™ team and help them find their perfect spot within the organization. As AssistPro™ grows, Kelley’s role is critical to ensure we find and hire the best candidates possible to allow us to help our clients’ businesses run smoothly while they focus on their own growth. At the end of the day, an AssistPro™ Managing Assistant is a career-oriented, self-starting, solution-seeking catalyst for our clients. When our clients experience the trust, and the calm, that comes from the contribution of a Managing Assistant to their business, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

When Kelley isn’t making magic happen for AssistPro™, you can find her doing home renovations with her husband, Bobby, or traveling all over the U.S with her daughter, Ava, for national cheerleading competitions.

Is your business ready to grow, but you cannot step away from the daily tasks long enough to allow it to grow? Are you drowning in emails, expense receipts, and prospect follow-ups, but terrified to trust your business to anyone other than yourself? It’s time we talked. An AssistPro™ Managing Assistant is more than an admin. Contact us today and learn more about how we can take those daily tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on the work you love to do.


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