Balancing your life and your work doesn’t have to be dizzying.

AssistPro™ Managing Assistants enjoy control over their professional commitments and schedule, making balancing a far easier task. Our company culture is both family-oriented and professional, because we were founded on the belief that no one should have to compromise in achieving a rewarding life at home and at work.

We believe that a job should be engaging, and that it’s always the right time to sharpen your professional tools. We train our AssistPro® Virtual Managing Assistants on an ongoing basis, encouraging them to explore their unique talents and become experts in their roles.

We are hiring!!! If you’re a self-motivated, detail-oriented individual with strong communication and organizational skills you will fit right in.

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Working at AssistPro™ has completely changed my life. It has given me the flexibility to be at home, make my own schedule, travel, and spend more time with friends and family. I am so thankful to Jenna and my clients for giving me this opportunity. My implementers are like my own family and I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else now. I am simply doing what I love and making a reliable income at the same time! Thanks to EOS® and AssistPro™, I no longer miss any of those important family moments.

A. Plumley
AssistPro™ Client Manager

Working with Jenna and her team came at the perfect time for me. Jenna connected me with wonderful clients, ensuring our personalities matched to create a smooth on-boarding experience and allowing us a unique opportunity to provide stellar administrative support virtually. I am now working with a wonderful group of highly accomplished business men and women.

C. Prevatte
AssistPro™ Client Manager

I love my job! I was searching for a way to help contribute financially to our monthly income while staying home with my daughter. AssistPro™ has shown me that it is possible to have a work/family balance. I’m able to help our family without giving up play dates. The difference at AssistPro™ is that EVERYONE on staff takes pride in what they do. There is an amazing sense of community (even being virtual) that continually pushes me to “do” better and “be” better. Thanks AP!

T. Harker
AssistPro™ Client Manager