Are you Working with the Wrong Assistant?

It is all about finding the right fit when it comes to the Client/Assistant relationship. In a great working partnership you have trust, accountability, honesty, and ultimately success. The right fit also requires a commitment to on-boarding and utilizing the right tools and processes. However, sometimes you can have all the best tools and processes and your relationship may still feel off.

4 signs you may be working with the wrong Assistant:

  1. You feel misunderstood-My assistant doesn’t get me”
  2. There is tension in the relationship– “Do we enjoy working together?”
  3. Communication issues- We aren’t communicating well”
  4. Delegation issues-Can I hand things off to this person?”

The good news is a wrong fit doesn’t mean you’re a bad boss, or your assistant is bad at her job. In many cases, it’s a mismatch in personalities, motivations, or communication styles. Don’t be afraid to say, “We are not a good fit”. Chances are the relationship is creating a feeling of failure for both of you. The Client/Assistant relationship is highly involved and it’s not serving either party if you’re not in sync.

At AssistPro™ we offer a unique matching method that helps our Clients find their right fit Assistant. We also help our Clients and Assistants work through on-boarding and provide tools to ensure the best environment for success. We are committed to finding our Clients their right-hand and we’re ready to jump in and find a new assistant should the fit be off. The goal is to have a long-lasting successful partnership!

-Jenna Spencer